The sinking of the Laconia “The Tragedy that changed the Battle of the Atlantic”

Our exhibition deals with the tragedy of ship losses during both world wars – along with the hardships suffered by merchant seamen in the process. In both of these wars, this suffering was caused by the new tactic of unrestricted submarine warfare – which enabled civilian vessels of all types to become subject to unprovoked … More The sinking of the Laconia “The Tragedy that changed the Battle of the Atlantic”

Sailors from Lewis

There were two crew members from the Isle of Lewis on board the Richmond Castle. One, Angus Murray, was responsible for saving the lives of many of his fellow crew, with his ingenuity and steadfast spirit. He was later awarded the British Empire Medal and – many years later – was reunited with fellow survivors … More Sailors from Lewis

Violet Jessop

“Abandon Ship!” – the fearful cry that Violet Jessop  must have heard several times during her working life. She was an ocean liner stewardess and nurse who survived the disastrous sinkings of both the RMS Titanic in 1912, her sister ship, the HMHS Britannia in 1916, and she had also been on board the RMS Olympic , the eldest of the three sister ships, owned by the … More Violet Jessop

SS Ohio

Wellington has other items on permanent display that relate to key events in the Second World War. There is a painting of the tanker, SS Ohio, and the ship’s bell and wheel. The Ohio was part of a convoy sent to relieve Malta in 1942. Malta was an important Mediterranean base for the allies and … More SS Ohio

The South Atlantic

Abandoning ship in the North Atlantic brought particular problems, with cold temperatures that could be deadly. In the South Atlantic, the dangers included burning sun and a lack of rainfall to collect drinkable water. In 1943, the merchant ship Lulworth Hill was sailing from Mauritius to Liverpool, the ship was torpedoed on 19 March by … More The South Atlantic

Exhibition launches

The Wellington Trust’s Abandon Ship! exhibition officially launches today. Free and open to the public on board the HQS Wellington on Sundays & Monday, the exhibition features the stories of the SS Otaki and the MV Richmond Castle. The Richmond Castle was a Harland & Wolff ship, launched in Belfast in 1939. The crew came … More Exhibition launches